"the crying in the goal"

Ultravasan 2015
Ultravasan the epic picture rece raport..

The packing in the Saab..

The smiling before the journey

The eating in the sunkhak on the road

The posing by the shop and körsbärstomater for 10 krowns for two

The livingroom

The sitting on the räck when arrived

The sunglasses-selfie on the trädäck

The fors-selfie on the bridge

The running on the hill to let the legs loose after the Saab adventure to the Säl

The motljus-hill-selfie on the top

The vy from the hill-top

The vy to the andra side

The nedfarts

The qutiepajs

The shooterled

The kånkel - bärplockers

The hjortron hideout from the bärplockers

The lake on the hill and the drinker

The walking to the waffles

The rock on the way to the waffles

The stretch on the ultra

The spång

The porling bäck

The flagg

The waiting for the waffles

The cartoons on the wall

The cartoons on the other wall

The eating area

The waffle

The lapp hämting in the Säl. 

The start in the Säl

The way

The nutrition

The racemorning with the 90:s in the Säl

the längd left

The startfåll

The heroes

the crying in the goal

the firecracking happiness after the lopp

The firing with the skump

The medal of ära

The bärs in the sun

The kondis on the way home.



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